Welcome To Abuja, Nigeria Set in the heart of Abuja city center, Hotel De Bently is a contemporary, fashionable hotel, the absolute choice for the style-conscious guest. Inspired by cutting edge design, this Abuja hotel captures the imagination with its vibrant and creative environment. Located just 12 km from NnamdiAzikiwe International Airport Abuja, Hotel DeBently sets out to be very different whilst at the same time, offering exceptional quality and service throughout every aspect.

Restaurant & Bar

Georgina, the all-day dining restaurant, offers multi ethnic cuisine serving sumptuous "flavoursof the world". The Pool Lounge is a chic cocktail bar where you can escape, socialize, and launch your evening in style to the sound of soft African music or live band performances. A casual haven in the middle of the city, the Pool Bar & BBQ is the place to revitalizeyourself while indulging in light summer recipes.

Destined to be the meeting point of Abuja during the day or after dark, the Lobby Bar is a refreshing and cozy escape offering light refreshments, exquisite pastries and a "grab and go" menu. In-room dining offers an extensive menu to please all palates in the privacy and comfort of your room. Spoil yourself in the unrivaled Exclusive Bar experience with breathtaking views over the heart of Abuja’s new city of Utako plus around the clock pampering with culinary delights and every comfort available to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the full....learn more

Meetings and Events

Hotel De Bently Abuja is your premium address for hosting business meetings and events with fully-equipped facilities which are ideal for all types of functions, from corporate events to cocktail parties and more. Choose from 3 customized meeting rooms or the grand ballroom which can host up to 800 guests. Take advantage of the hotel's unique pool area which is perfect for outdoor luncheons and dinner events.

The hotel's event facilities and full-service business centre are located on the same floor together with the Georgina restaurant and Lobby Bar for your convenience. From wedding cakes and floral creations to the selection of foods, trust Hotel De Bently Abuja to simplify your planning and make your wedding day everything you had imagined.

Our on-site experts will work with you to coordinate every detail and assist with any aspects of your wedding experience within the hotel...Learn more


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